Beaming Stars Gymnastics Club offers a unique non-competitive approach to Gymnastics. Currently running breakfast, lunch and after school clubs within Nurseries and Primary schools in South London and Kent, Beaming Stars also provide soft play sessions, Fundamental Pre-School Gymnastics and PPA & regular PE/Games cover.

Beaming Stars Gymnastics is affiliated to the British Gymnastics Association.



Beaming Stars provide soft play sessions for Babies, Toddlers and Pre-School children where the emphasis is on fun and gives the children a chance to get to know the environment and the Beaming Stars Coaches before progressing to Pre-School or Recreational Gymnastics.

Social play is vital to a child’s development. Soft play sessions help your child in gaining social and manipulation skills as well as spatial awareness and discovery. Regular visits to these sessions are more beneficial as babies and Toddlers need structure and a regular routine. Beaming Stars Soft Play exercise and group activities help form an important part of the structure and routine of your Childs next step in to Pre-School gymnastics

Our Soft Play sessions are on Thursdays in Welling and New Ash Green, Kent:


Thursdays 09:30 – 10:45
£4 per session
(Siblings half price)
St Michael’s Community Centre
Wrotham Road
DA16 1LS

New Ash Green

Thursdays 10:00 – 14:00
£3 per session (Subsidised for local famillies)
The Pavilion (Rugby Club)
Punch Croft (off Ash Road)
New Ash Green

Children take part in free play with their accompanying adult(s) and have the opportunity to play (whilst listening to the latest kiddie tunes) on the soft play equipment, the bouncy castle or the various side stations set up consisting of items such as hula hoops, tap sticks, hoops, cubes and many more. Just before the end of the session we encourage the children and their parent/carer(s) to come and sit together on the mat to participate in some favourite action songs using tap sticks and bean bags and of course, our goodbye song.

Visits can be either on a drop in basis or you can sign up for the term and receive one session free!

The atmosphere at our soft play sessions is very relaxed, informal and friendly and it's the perfect place to take a breather and spend some quality time with your child whilst catching up with other local mums. Most weeks there are refreshments available for sale including tea and coffee and of course something for the little ones.



Beaming Stars provide Soft Play parties for ages 5 and under. We pull all the best bits from our weekly soft play sessions to give you a fantastic selection including bouncy castle (specifically for under 5's), soft play shapes, tunnels, ball pool, slides as well as some toys for the younger ones - check out our gallery to see our current soft play set up and some of the equipment you could have at your party!!

If you are in the Dartford/Longfield area, you have the opportunity of booking our Soft Play through 'The Pavilion' which is where we hold our weekly soft play sessions in New Ash Green. The Pavilion can provide a complete package including our soft play and act as a one stop shop for all your party needs.

The cost for a 2 Hour Soft Play Party is £90.00 (subject to location and requirements). This includes setup and pack away.

We also offer a package where a member of staff (DBS checked) will stay throughout the session and lead the birthday party into some activities and songs at the end (prices available on request).

Gymnastics Parties

Our Gymnastic Parties features 1 hour of Gymnastics Fun where our qualified and DBS checked coach will come to the venue and provide organised play on Bars, Beams, Soft play equipment, Bouncy Castle, Ball Pit, Parachute and much more. This package is currently only available when booking your party at St. Michael's Community Centre, Welling, where we currently hold our soft play and Pre-school Gymnastics sessions. Prices available on request.



Our Starbursts sessions are semi-structured for both parent/carer and child and are the perfect introduction to our Pre-School Gymnastics for the younger children who have just started to become confident walkers and who are ready to progress from Soft Play sessions.

Classes begin with a short warm up (4-5 mins) starting with our Beaming Stars song followed by a pulse raising song with actions to exercise main muscle groups.

Apparatus similar to the type the children might see at a soft play session includes a single larger circuit of Gymnastics equipment to include a “Star Station” for children to achieve a specific skill. The children learn through exploration, supported by their carer and coaches.

Sessions conclude with a themed cool down with bubbles, songs and a parachute.

Children are given a Beaming Stars Achievement card at the start of the course which is linked to the “Star Station” and enables the children to earn stamps each week to record their achievement and at the course receive a certificate for earning these stamps. We will start to prepare and assess children to attend our independent child class “Shooting Stars”



When our Starshines are ready to move on to a more structured and independent (without a supporting parent/carer) class, they will be invited to attend our Shooting Stars sessions.

Classes begin with a warm up (10 mins) to include pulse raiser, stretching, body conditioning and flexibilityfollowed by a pulse raising song with actions that exercise main muscle groups and introduce rolling, floor shapes and body preparation using hand apparatus.

The class is split into ability groups with 1 coach per group and small apparatus stations are set up including side stations with a structured circuit to be followed.

Gymnasts will work towards the British Gymnastics Pre-School Proficiency Awards Scheme which covers Action, Balance and Co-ordination.



Once our Shooting Stars reach primary school age, we provide a seamless transition to our After School club.

Currently offering two sessions a week which each include 3 groups to accommodate all abilities (which means siblings can attend the same sessions so no waiting around for hours on end mums and dads!), we provide a safe, structured gymnastics environment for every child to develop their skills.

Classes begin with a pulse raising warm up to music for all gymnasts which will be followed by going off to their individual groups for focus on one or more of the following:

Sessions conclude by coming together for the last 5 minutes to take part in a cool down exercise.

Each child will receive an Achievement card at the start of the course which is linked to our ‘Star Station’ development plan so that progress and achievements can be recorded. Gymnasts will work and develop in accordance with their ability level to ensure they reach their full potential.

Gymnasts will be given the opportunity to work towards their badges, perform displays and compete in an annual in-house friendly competition.




Beaming Stars believes all children should have the opportunity to belong to an affiliated gymnastics club but without the pressure a regular Gym club can bring – whilst BS encourages and develops each child, we believe each child be treated as an individual and developed to their full potential.

Beaming Stars Gymnastics supports Physical Education in Primary Schools because Gymnastics provides considerable advantages to individuals in terms of the fundamental physical, psychological and social building blocks for current and future participation – agility, balance and coordination as well as movement and social skills. These are skills that children can take into long term participation in gymnastics and to other sports, providing a significantly enhanced chance of lifelong participation and performance.

Beaming Stars currently works with over 35 schools in the London and Kent areas providing and individual offering, tailored to each School’s requirements.


Beaming Stars offers a unique Gymnastics club experience enabling children to enjoy the benefits of getting fit whilst belonging to an affiliated gymnastics club but without the pressure of a competitive environment. Beaming Stars provides:

Participating in sports can have a healthy developmental impact on young children, promoting cooperative play, teamwork and good sportsmanship while helping to refine gross motor skills. Physical activity stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health. Beaming Stars base our whole philosophy on ‘Every child matters’.


Physical activity stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health.  Beaming Stars base our whole philosophy on ‘Every child matters’.  With over 20 years experience of teaching gymnastics in schools, Beaming Stars are able to offer gymnastics to children of all school ages, designing lessons with our unique Ready Steady Action development scheme according to age and capabilities.

star For the EYFS, sessions will be themed based so the children will develop physically as well as enhancing their emotional, social and personal development.

star Key stage 1 and 2 children will be taught the fundamentals of gymnastics to encourage their co-ordination, flexibility, stamina and team work.

star  READY STEADY ACTION For our School clubs, Beaming Stars have devised a unique scheme from Reception to Year 6 which incorporates co-ordination, balance, exercise and movement elements where each child is tracked through their development to ensure they reach their full potential.

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 Christmas Party!!

We are so excited that the Beaming Stars annual Christmas party is once again upon us! We have a jam packed party for you this year with the return of Cherry, the Reindeer Pony who is looking forward to giving all the children a pony ride! Santa will be taking time out of his busy schedule and paying us a visit to give the children their Beaming Stars presents and of course, we could never leave out the tea and coffee for mums and dads... or the mince pies!!

If you would like a ticket for the Christmas party, please make payment of £11 per child to secure the booking either by cash, cheque, BACS or online (please note, places are allocated on first come first served basis):

Cash/Cheques - can be given to your coach or Soft Play Leader or posted to:
Beaming Stars
Accounting Freedom
Leigh House

BACS - please ensure you put your child's name as the reference. If more than one child, please put your surname. Once payment has been made, please send an email to so we can ensure all children's names are on the list.

Online - logon to our online registration system: and once you have registered, select the Christmas Party option. If you have any issues with the system, please contact



If you would like to speak to someone about Beaming Stars Gymnastics Club, please contact us:


Katie Wayman (Head Coach)

Tel: 07984 177054



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